Palawan Council for
Sustainable Development

DBP Forest Program
Barangay Isugod Reforestation Project

Rhoda B. Roque
Project Development Officer IV

The Palawan Council for Sustainable Development (PCSD) is the partner of the Development Bank of the Philippines in the implementation of the DBP-Forest Program particularly the Mangrove Reforestation Project in Barangay Isugod, Quezon Palawan. The Program aims to develop downstream industries in the rural areas by supporting and encouraging the forestation of open areas in non privately-owned lands through planting in partnership with target partners and beneficiaries.

The reforestation project on the other hand is directed to develop the mangrove resources of Barangay Isugod for economic and ecological benefits on a sustainable basis. Specifically it intends to reforest the 20-hectare area to restore the natural system for sustainable resource utilization, protect the coastal areas against ecological and natural disaster, enhance community awareness on the economic, ecological and social importance of mangrove forest and increase people's participation in managing the mangrove resources.

The Mangrove Reforestation Project is one of the Two DBP-Forest Projects in Palawan. The other DBP-Forest Project is in partnership with the Palawan State University in Barangay Culasian, Rizal Palawan. The mangrove reforestation will be implemented over a period of one year through the Barangay Isugod Fishermen's Association and in cooperation with the Municipal LGU, Barangay-LGU and DENR. The project cost is estimated at P1.7 Million and roughly P900,000.00 will be financed through grant by the DBP and the rest will be in-kind counterpart from the partners.

The DBP-Forest in Palawan was launched on November 11, 2005 at the Palawan State University with the signing of the Memorandum of Agreement between the DBP Chief Executive Officer Dr Reynaldo David and Cong. Abraham Kahlil Mitra for the Bgy Isugod Mangrove Reforestation Project and between Dr. David and Dr. Teresita L. Salva, PSU President. In addition, a turn-over of mangrove seedlings to Bgy Isugod Fishermen's Association and the ceremonial planting of fruit and forest trees by the Palawan State University faculty and staff were done to formalize the launching of the program.

As of February 20, 2006, three trainings have been conducted. The orientation training; training on nursery establishment and management; and training on mangrove planting, care and maintenance.

Survey of the whole area and the four blocks assigned to each group has been done.

The planting of mangrove propagules has already started and will continue until 1st week of March

Below is the implementation schedule and status as of February 2006 of Brgy. Isugod Mangrove Reforestation Project



Status as of February 16



 - Orientation training on mangrove reforestation

Last week January


 - Nursery Establishment and management

Last week January


2. Planning workshop

February 11, 2006


3. Constuction of Guard House

February 2006

Being followed-up with the LGU

4. Municipal Ordinance

February 2006 On or before February 05

Being followed-up with the LGU

5. Procurement of bamboo posts


Delivered to Site

6. Training on mangrove plantation care and maintenance

February 7-8, 2006


7. Installation of bamboo posts

February 9, 2006

Partially installed

8. Conduct of survey

February 9, 2006

Partially installed

9. Collection and handling of propagules

Start February 13, 2006

Collection going-on

  - Picking of 100,000 propagules



10. Planting of Propagules

Start February 16-March

Planting Started as scheduled

11.Procurement and installation of Signages and Signboards

1st Week of March


12.Procurement of Potting Bags

1st Week of March

Still working on the supply of bags with the supplier

13. Procurement of Chemical for Pests and Diseases and materials

March 6, 2006


14. Data Collection / Workshop

March 2006

Still on-going

15. Construction of Nursery

March 6 - 9, 2006


16. Bagging/potting

March 10-31, 2006


17. Nursery Operation



 - collection of 110,000 pcs wildlings

March 10-31, 2006


 - nursery operation and management

March - May, 2006


 - planting of seedlings

May - June , 2006


18. Training on Mangrove Monitoring

April 2006


19. Care and Maintenance of Plantation

March - December 2006


20. Replanting of Propagules

March - December 2006


21. Replanting of seedlings/wildlings

July- December, 2006


22.Production and distribution of information materials

September, 2006

Still working on the production

23.Monitoring and Evaluation

September - December 2005


24.Photo Documentation

December 2005 - October 06