Palawan Council for
Sustainable Development

PCSD pays tribute to the father and author of SEP (Strategic Environmental Plan ) R.A. 7611


Roselee Buenconsejo

Speaker Ramon V. Mitra,Jr.The PCSD and its staff paid tribute to the former Speaker of the House of Representatives Ramon V. Mitra, Jr. on February 3, 2006. The activity symbolizes gratitude and recognition to the Father and one of the authors of the Strategic Environmental Plan for Palawan Act, a distinct Law implemented only in Palawan, known as the Republic Act 7611.

There were three separate activities done during the day, it was as follows: the blessing and wreath laying at his tomb located at the Parola Site, the unveiling ceremony of the Capitol Building marker named after the former Speaker held at the Capitol building and the highlight activity: tribute to Speaker Mitra held at the Palawan Sustainable Development Training Institute (PSDTI) at Brgy. Irawan, Puerto Princesa City. The staff offered a mass before starting the program proper. The PCSDS Deputy Executive Director Romeo B. Dorado gave his welcome remarks. The Hon. David A. Ponce de Leon, Vice Governor of Palawan and co-author of the RA 7611 as the Guest speaker made a chronicle of the life of the former Speaker as a person and as a leader. " Mitra is a pragmatic leader with passion towards uplifting not only the province but the whole people of Palawan especially the poor" he said. A six-minute Visual presentation followed entitled " Salamat".

The whole stretch of the ceremonies was participated in by guests representing various sectors of the province who loved the former Speaker.

Below are some photos of the program

Renaming of the Provincial Capitol Building to Ramon V. Mitra, Jr. Building

A Tribute to the late Speaker Ramon V. Mitra, Jr. held at the Palawan Sustainable Development Training Institute

PCSDS Deputy Director Romeo B. Dorado Hon. David A. Ponce de Leon, Vice Governor of Palawan PCSDS Executive Director Nelson P. Devanadera
Dado Mitra Cong.Abraham Kahlil B. Mitra, PCSDS Chairman