Palawan Council for
Sustainable Development

Palawan, Fulfilling the Promise of Sustainable Development

Puerto Princesa City, Palawan, Philippines -

"Improved living conditions for Palawan via responsible and judicious governance that ensures partnership and sustained environment coupled with advancing entrepreneurship (technology and business)", becomes the overall agenda of Palawan in the next five years. This is the resulting policy action formulated during the recently concluded "first Palawan Environment and Economic Summit" conducted January 27 to 29, 2005 this city, organized by the Palawan Council for Sustainable Development (PCSD) with support from the Malampaya Consortium.

Specifically, this will be translated into specific guidelines and programs such as: management programs prioritizing collective good and benefits for the people, development initiatives that ensures partnership between and among government - civil and private sectors. Investment areas focusing on eco-tourism development, water resource development, renewable energy and clean technologies among others.

Featured during the summit, and were made basis of the common policy action agenda are the 10-point agenda of President Arroyo, Medium Term Philippine Development Plan, the Agenda 21, the Palawan Comprehensive Development Plan, the State of Palawan's Environment and various LGU-private and community based development partnerships and best practices.

No less than Sec. Romulo L. Neri of NEDA, Usec. Ramon Paje of DENR, PCSD Chairman Cong. Abraham Khalil Mitra, Governor Joel Reyes of Palawan, Rep. Antonio Alvarez of Northern Palawan, Vice Gov. David Ponce de Leon, Sec. Alfredo Abueg of MIMAROPA and various scientists, experts and businessmen presented these working papers.

In his closing statement, PCSD chairman, Cong. Abraham Mitra stressed "with a population closed to a million and continuously rising with a 3.6% annual growth all environment-dependents, there is a need to already build responsible action plans to ensure correct union of environmental protection and development so Palawan can sustain nurturing its people thus ensuring inter-generational equity".

Over 200 representatives from the local government units, national agencies, local and foreign NGO's, private sector, media and other stakeholders took part in the summit bearing the theme, Palawan: Fulfillment of the Promise.

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