Palawan Council for
Sustainable Development

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Wonders of Palawan

Travel around Palawan from Balabac down south to Busuanga far north, and see how Mother Nature endowed the province with scenic spots like the world-renowned Underground River and the famous El Nido --you will never see in any other part of the world.

Palawan Plants


Know more about Palawan's rich and abundant plants species. Once a part of the province's vegetation, now endangered or facing extinction due to kaingin (slash and burn farming) and illegal logging.

Palawan's Endemic Wildlife


Learn about the endemic species of wildlife in the province of Palawan found nowhere else in the world. Most of these animals are endangered or faced extinction due to hunting, trading and habitat destruction.

PCSD Council Meeting

Council In Action

Setting out the policy directions in the implementation of the Strategic Environmental Plan for Palawan, the PCSD is regularly conducting its monthly meetings.

ECAN Consultation in one of the Municipalities in Palawan

Staff In Action

The Staff in Action , putting into action the Strategic Environmental Plan (SEP) for Palawan, the Republic Act 7611 , see the PCSD Staff in carrying out their tasks.

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