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Palawan Bearcat

Palawan Bearcat

Commonly known as "binturong", the Palawan bearcat is one of the biggest land mammals in mainland Palawan.

It is a nocturnal animal with a long husky tail, tufted ears, small eyes, naked soles and palms, a small pointed face and elongated body.

It is grayish in color and feeds on fruits and meat. Its habitat is in the deep forest, but it also ventures to more open locations, especially when looking for food.

The Palawan bearcat is also known as the Malay civet cat. It derive its name from the tiny sac or gland near its tail that contains civet, a valuable odorous substance used as a base for the world's most expensive perfumes.

A curious combination of stealth and charm with its deceivingly cuddly appearance, natives warn that it is quite vicious when cornered.

Biological Information

Local name: Binturong
Male adult size:
Female adult size:
Life span:

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