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Palawan Porcupine

Hystrix pumila

Scientific Name: Hystrix pumila
Local Name: Durian / Landak

Conservation Status: Apparently stable, but these species are reported to be persecuted by farmers as pests in coconut plantations.

A locally common to uncommon species found in primary and secondary forest in the Hystrix pumilamountains and in the lowlands. This species also prefer caves, but are commonly found under tree buttresses or in rock crevices.

It is an endemic species restricted in the Palawan Faunal Region. It has been recorded in the islands of Busuanga, Calauit, Coron, and on the Mainland at the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park, and the forested areas of El Nido.

It is reported that this mammal appears to have no natural enemies. The outer covering of spines serve as its protection and defense system.

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