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Palawan Cherry

Common Name : Palawan Cherry ( Eng )
Local Name :
Scientific Name : Cassia x 'Palawan Cherry'

Cassia x ' Palawan Cherry ' " Palawan cherry is a small to medium-sized tree,15m or taller and 50 cm in diameter. The leaves are pinnate, 40 cm long while the leaflets are ovate, with acute tip, 7 cm long and 3.5 cm wide, green in color and smooth on both surfaces. Flowering branches are usually drooping, 30 cm long. The flowers are in loose panicles. Light pink, 5 cm across. The fruit is cylindrical,hard, smooth, 30 cm long, and black when mature while the seeds are ovate, smooth and black when mature.

This plant is widespread in Palawan often planted in parks and gardens, also at the edge of forests. It is probably of hybrid origin and highly ornamental."

Domingo A. Madulid, A Pictorial Guide to the Noteworthy Plants of Palawan, ( Palawan Tropical Forestry Protection Programme, 2002 ) , P. 57

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