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Ixora sp. Common Name :
Local Name : Santan (English)
Scientific Name : Clerodendrum villosum Bl.

" This shrub or small tree has leaves that are broadly ovate, with cordate base, and acuminate apex, covered with soft and velvety white hairs. Flowers are in terminal panicles; corollasegment white with a green apex; anthers violet. The fruit is black seated on the white-pale green star-like calyx.

In Palawan, it is found in open places, old clearing, thickets and at the edge of forests at low and medium altitudes. It is highly ornamental."

Domingo A. Madulid, A Pictorial Guide to the Noteworthy Plants of Palawan, ( Palawan Tropical Forestry Protection Programme, 2002 ) , P. 98

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